On-site Raffles

On-site 70/30 percentage raffles are the main source of revenue for the Foundation. They take quite a bit of work to setup and run, from both the site owners & contractors, volunteers and the Foundation itself. There are various expenses associated with each raffle and include (but are not limited to) Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission Raffle License Fee, ticket printing and advertising. In order for a raffle to be viable, certain components must be in place to make the raffle profitable for not only the Foundation but for those who participate in the raffle.

When considering hosting a raffle at your work site, the following must be considered:

  • Are there at least 1000 workers on-site consistently? How many workers are at site at peak? At the slowest time of the year?
  • How many BTA members are working on-site and are interested in volunteering?
  • Is there a secure method of moving cash off-site? An example would be the difficulty faced in moving funds from a “fly-in only” site.
  • Have both the Owner and Contractors of the site in question granted permission for the raffle to take place on-site?


If you are interested in starting a raffle at your site please contact us at abtccf@bta.ca