Will I receive a tax receipt from the Building Trades of Alberta Charitable Foundation?2019-04-04T09:40:07-06:00

No. The Building Trades of Alberta Charitable Foundation is not a registered Charity and therefore we cannot administer tax receipts. We are a Fundraising Foundation which means every cent we raise from A.G.L.C. Charitable Gaming events (50/50, Brass Pools, Harley Davidson Raffles, Bi-Annual Casino etc.) gets distributed to Charities across Alberta. Our past recipient Charity partners such as: Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation, University Hospital Foundation, and the STARS Foundation all have the ability to write tax receipts.

If my organization has received a donation in the past, can I still apply?2019-04-04T09:35:38-06:00

YES! The Building Trades of Alberta Charitable Foundation’s goal is to support as many Albertans as possible. If your organization has been approved in the past this means we already know the great work you do in our Communities, and we want to support you. In general, one application a year is appropriate- we want to ensure there is enough to go around for everyone!

When will my donation request be reviewed?2019-04-04T09:37:51-06:00

Our Volunteer Board of Directors meets quarterly. Any donation requests received in the respective quarter will be reviewed in full. If a donation request requires more information or explanation, the applicant will be contacted for clarification, and the donation request will be reviewed at the following Board Meeting. Regardless of whether the donation request is approved or denied by the Board of Directors, the applying organization will be contacted by the Foundation Coordinator to advise of the decision of the Board.

Is the cost of my raffle ticket purchase tax deductible?2019-04-04T09:06:40-06:00

Raffle ticket purchases are not considered to be charitable donations and are therefore not tax deductible.

Are my raffle winnings considered tax deductible?2019-04-04T09:06:59-06:00

Raffle winnings are not considered to be taxable income in Canada.

If I’ve won a raffle, do I receive a tax receipt for the 30% that goes to the Foundation?2019-04-04T09:07:12-06:00

When someone wins one of our raffles they receive 70% of the total proceeds of the raffle. The Foundation receives the remaining 30% and the funds are dispersed to various organizations; therefore, you are not eligible for a tax receipt as the Foundation is making the donation not the winner of the raffle.

I would like to make a donation to the Foundation. Will my donation be tax deductible?2019-04-04T09:38:48-06:00

The Foundation is considered to be a non-profit society that distributes grants to various groups. The Foundation is not a registered charity and therefore cannot issue tax receipts to donors.

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