On April 25th, Terry Parker the Executive Director of the Building Trades of Alberta and the President of the Charitable Foundation presented a cheque alongside Delanee Daviau, the Foundation Coordinator, for $50,000.00 to the University Hospital Foundation – Brain Centre Campaign.

The Brain Centre Campaign is aimed at bringing a new Neuro-Intensive Care Unit to the University of Alberta Hospital. Thus far fundraising has achieved over $60 million to advance brain care for patients.

Caron Blakely, Wife of Hank Blakely who is a long serving Member of UA Local 488, has received lifesaving, non-invasive care from the Brain Centre. On August 13th, 2018, Caron received Gamma Knife Radiosurgery on her brain - this procedure uses radiation as opposed to scalpels and open-brain surgery to remove tumors. There is no general anesthetic, no blood loss, and no risk of infection - not to mention patients typically return home the same day. Caron was in and out of the hospital in 6 hours, and returned to full regular duties within 24 hours.

Thank you to Dr. Keith Aronyk and Dr. Samir Patel not only for helping one of our Member families but also for the incredible work you do helping our community at large. The University of Alberta Hospital now has one of Canada’s leading Brain Centres, including the Scott and Brown Families Advanced Imaging and Gamma Knife Centre. This achievement is due to the hard work being done by the University Hospital Foundation and its supporters.