Did you know that there are over 2000 homeless people living in Edmonton? At last count there were 2,307 homeless Edmontonians to be exact. This is where organizations like the Bissell Centre come into play. The Bissell Centre has been in existence since 1910. The Centre serves the most vulnerable citizens of Edmonton. They offer many different services including a Drop-In Centre, Day Care, Addictions Counselling & Housing Services. The Building Trades of Alberta Charitable Foundation decided to partner with the Bissell Centre and with the help of our volunteers we raised $20,000 to help fund their “Outreach Housing Team”. The Outreach Housing Team finds and engages those who may not have access to the actual centre due to mobility or transportation issues. They first engage those living on the street and then find out what their barriers to housing are. Their needs vary and the team is equipped to help them with many different issues including obtaining a government issued ID, opening a bank account or getting referrals to other social services. We are happy to help those who help! If you would like to find more information about the Bissell Centre they can be found on their website.